Educational Trips

Intimate cross-cultural experiences that take you beyond the tour bus

Are you looking for a unique experience in America? At Sojourn.Life we custom educational trips that combine the fun of visiting many locations in the U.S. with a focus on cultural understanding and language learning. Our trips are designed for families with children, but anyone is welcome. We always include one or more tours of famous American universities. We always include a weekend homestay experience where the children stay with an American family for the weekend while the parents go shopping. We always include English lessons each day using American cultural norms as the focus of each lesson. Our English lessons cover topics such as: restaurant manners and how to order, tipping, social politeness, the American university experience, historical perspectives of the locations being visited, American geography, and instructions for navigating any sites being visited, such as the best way to spend one day at Disneyland. Contact us to learn more about our next trip.