Hosting an International Student

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Participating in Sojourn.Life’s homestay program is an excellent opportunity for your family to broaden its worldview without leaving home. Hosting presents unique challenges and opportunities requiring all involved to step out of the comfort of what is familiar and to look at the world from a new perspective. This process of sharing your family with a student from overseas will provide a chance for him or her to gain a deep understanding of your language and culture that can only be attained through the kind of immersive experience that your family makes possible. As you watch your homestay student grow in his or her understanding of your language and culture you will also gain new insight and the chance to form a lifelong friendship that will truly "bring a distant land near."


We are looking for families with the desire and humility to love, learn, teach and grow with their homestay students. Host parents must embrace a homestay child as their own and walk with them through the transformational experience of crossing cultures. This process is not always easy but it is rewarding.

Jesse with homestay student Steven on a trip to New York City  in July of 2014.

  • Below is a list of basic hosting information:


    • Hosting experiences can be anywhere from as short as two weeks to a full academic year (10 months), but the most common stay is for one month.

    • Hosts receive a generous monthly stipend to insure that the experience is not a financial burden.

    • Though students are placed any time of the year, there is generally a greater need for host families during summer vacation. We also have many Chinese students participating during their Chinese New Year (in January or February). Academic year students will stay for an entire school year.

    • All students are enrolled in emergency medical insurance.

    • We will introduce you to your student (preferably through a video chat) prior to his or her arrival.

    • Hosts provide or arrange for airport transportation to/from the nearest international airport.

    • Hosts provide accommodations and meals (students can share a room with another child of the same sex and similar in age).

    • For short-term homestays, we will try to arrange permission for the student to attend a nearby school as a guest or visitor.

    • Students will have their own spending money and will be responsible for their own incidental expenses.

Getting Started

To find out more about hosting a student with Sojourn.Life please send us an e-mail to or call Jesse Parsons at (503) 302-0221.


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